Who are we? We are three like-minded colleagues who worked together in the management consulting industry, and have an accumulative experience of 25+ years helping organizations achieve their goals and steer their operations in the right direction.

What have we noticed? There is a common factor between our past clients (which come from different sectors and various countries) that has led us to one main conclusion: ”Organizations struggle when it comes to their support functions; they are constantly distracted by tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks, and their support functions are dubbed ‘malfunctioning cost centers’ (HR, IT, Accounting, Legal, Marketing, …etc.)”.

How does that happen exactly? When organizations grow, the administrative burden grows in the same proportion. However, organizations sometimes fail to develop and improve their support functions to the maturity level required, and suddenly, the few support staff (if any) are unable to handle the burden with the ad hoc processes they have in place.

What are we going to do about it? We have decided to step in and help such organizations through establishing Profficis, which in Latin (yeah fancy we know) translates to Professional Services.

Why partner with us? We already have the right people and skills in place, as well as the required infrastructure, processes, and technical setup at hand, we deliver as per a solid and client protecting service level agreements. Furthermore, with our economies of scale, it costs us (and you) much less than the internal alternative. In short, your administrative assignments will be executed at lower cost and guaranteed high quality.

” Successful businesses delegate tasks and focus on their ingenuity instead “
Profficis Management Team